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Home » Entertainment » Salman Khans 14 year old fan gets conned

Salman Khans 14 year old fan gets conned

14 year old teenager girl who ran away from her home in Madhya Pradesh and went to Mumbai to meet her favourite actor, Salman Khan was duped of Rs 3,000, which is all that she had.

The ‘Salman Khan craze’ is known to all. In a one-of-a-kind incident, a young girl in her early teens and studying is standard 1X stole Rs. 3000 and ran away from her home to meet her on-screen idol, Salman Khan in Mumbai.

Once in Mumbai, the girl was absolutely lost and was even lured by a stranger into giving all the money she had in the pretext of taking her to the mega star. The stranger soon took the money from her and vanished without taking the girl to Salman Khan.

The teenager, who had no money to go back home or to buy herself some food was later found near a railway station restroom after the girl’s father lodged a complaint with a local police. Thankfully, the girl is back home with her family.

This only marks the high level of ‘Salman craze’ in the country and what youngsters can do to meet or catch a glimpse of their larger than life role model – Salman Khan!


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