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Relocating to new home? Clean it well

Relocating to new home? Clean it well

New Delhi: If you’re relocating to a new home, make sure you clean the walls, toilet seats, drains and pipes well for hygienic surroundings, says an expert.

Here are some tips from Samrat Goyal and Ishan Baisoya, co-founders,, a new company offering high-tech cleaning service:

* Walls: Start cleaning the walls using the broom. Do it in top-to-bottom direction. Reach out for the webs and dust on the walls and remove all of it.

* Glass surfaces: Whether it is window glass, door glass, shower glass or mirrors, all are equally prone to getting scratched if a hard sponge is used. Use a soft (cotton) cloth to dust these and then clean them using window or glass cleaning agents.

* Toilets and toilet seats: The toilet seat can be cleaned using a sponge soaked in liquid soap water mixture. Just add disinfectant or an antiseptic along with the liquid soap. For the toilet bowl, use a cleaning agent and leave it on for some time.

* Drains and pipes: Use a plunger on all pipes and drains, even if they don’t appear to be clogged. Check for open drains which permit entry for rats and cockroaches. Place drain covers on such openings.

* Do not miss: Sink drains (kitchen drainage system), bathroom drains (shower, tub, wash basin and toilet) and balcony drains.

* Kitchen: Use strong cleaning agents with care – especially in areas where you plan to store food. Note presence of pests – especially stubborn cockroaches and tell tale signs of rats. If you spray any pesticides and use rat poison, air the kitchen for a day before unpacking food stuff.


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