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Ranveer and Anushka just friends?

He had famously said, he can read every single reaction on her face. But Ranveer Singh has always maintained that he is just ‘good friends’ with Anushka Sharma. And thus when TOI spotted the two together on Tuesday evening outside a Bandra club, where Ranveer is a regular, we couldn’t help but look, and look hard.
Dressed in blue denims and a white top, Anushka had come to drop her confidante Ranveer off at the club presumably for his squash and swimming sessions. The actor, dressed in black trackpants and a white t-shirt was carrying what looked like a squash kit in his hand. The two arrived in Anushka’s car, a black range rover at around 7.30 pm. Now this is the same club, where Ranveer had been bonding with Sameera Reddy of late.
Having reached the club, Ranveer had to of course, reach the reception counter to take care of the formalities. But not without Anushka. Hand-inhand the two approached the counter. And that is when the ‘good friends’ theory began to crumble a bit.
Heads turned when Anushka (rather reluctantly) let go of Ranveer Singh’s hands. In fact, terms of endearment were exchanged as well. And then Anushka turned towards the door. And headed straight back to Ranveer’s car.
The actors who sparked off rumours about a romantic liaison right from their first film together (Band Baaja Baraat) had attended Arjun Kapoor’s bash on May 19 together as well. However, this is the first time Anushka was seen with Ranveer at the club.
Not so long ago, it was reported that Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma had drifted apart due to the actor’s proximity to Sonakshi Sinha. Needless to say, all that is a thing of the past now. Perhaps it’s time to review the ‘friends’ tag that they’ve forcefully put on.

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