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Prayers answered: Temeratures down, more wind power predicted

CHENNAI: Chennai’s power managers are now praying for more wind. The weathermen say the prayers are being answered, but in multiple ways.

Since Thursday, the temperature in the city dipped to 32.9 degree celcius from 34 degree celcius. The demand for power also came down by 500 MW across the state.

There’s more good news. The weathermen have confirmed there will more wind to turn the turbines by the month end. That will increase power generation by 1,500 MW. “That’s when we can confidently reduce scheduled power cuts,” said aTamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) official.

The brief spells of rains for the past two days in the state brought a relief of 500 MW for TNEB. Due to this, the electricity board was able to relax load shedding for a day. In monetary terms this translates to saving around Rs five crore spent on power purchase.

But the rains also made fluctuations in wind generation. “Some days we used to get 200 MW and on some, nil,” said the official. But the metereological department has given an oral confirmation to the TNEB that wind power will pick up by this month end. “Usually, the wind season starts in the first week of May, but this time it is a bit early,” said the official.

Apart from wind, the weathermen have also predicted rains for Monday. This has given hope to power managers for saving some more power. “If there are good showers, it will be possible for us to avoid the load shedding,” said chairman of TNEB, C P Singh. “On Sunday there was no rain in the city.”

Power managers state that there would be atleast 200 MW relief from the agricultural sector for the next couple of days.”The farmers consume approximately 2,000 MW. But as it has rained, they can avoid using pumps to water the crops,” said Singh.

On Thursday the government announced one-hour scheduled cuts for the city and three hours for the districts. The TNEB was forced to impose power cuts due to the sudden increase in demand. The present demand in the state is around 12,000 MW and supply is 9,300 MW, which includes generation in TN and around 2,000 MW purchased from other states and captive power plants here.

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