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PM calls high-level meeting ahead of Telangana report’s release

New Delhi: The Telangana report will be submitted to the Home Minister on Friday, and the government is gearing  up for the aftermath.

The Prime Minister called a meeting of senior ministers including AK Antony to discuss security and other preparations. The issue of whether a separate state of Telangana should be sanctioned has been a divisive and emotive debate in Andhra Pradesh. Over the last year, there have been massive and violent protests by supporters and opponents of a Telangana state.

Yesterday, the Srikrishna Committee, which has prepared the report of visiting all 23 districts of Andhra Pradesh, said it hopes it has found “a permanent solution” but stressed that it is upto the government and political parties to decide what happens next. The committee of five members was set up in February last year and is headed by former Supreme Court judge, BN  Srikrishna. The panel’s job was to interview different political parties and sections of society on a Telangana state. The committee says it has tried to deliver “highest satisfaction of the largest number.” Read more from the publisher

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