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Phailin boosts deep sea fishing

HYDERABAD: Cyclone Phailin might have left behind a trail of destruction on its way to the Indian heartland but it has come as harbinger of good times for seafood lovers and fishermen in the state.

Fishermen and ocean study experts said that in the next 15 to 20 days, their hauls will be substantially bigger as fish in deeper waters will become available close to the surface.
Scientists at the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services concur with the expectations.
“A cyclonic depression causes nutrient rich deep waters to surface. Upon interaction with sunlight, the environment would become conducive for fish,” said Nagaraj Kumar, a researcher at the institute.
Increase in haulage is expected to improve supply of fish to markets in the state, including those in the city, and may also bring a price reduction.

“When we venture into waters 10 days later, we expect to find more fish at shallow depths which we would normally find at greater depths. The cyclone disturbs the water layers and brings fish closer to the surface,” said Bangari Gopinath, a fisherman from Srikakulam.

The prospect of bigger catch would bring more fishermen to cast their nets and also considerably reduce fishing costs, as surface availability makes fishing easy, results in less fuel expenditure and takes relatively lesser time.

Deep fishing is done at a maximum depth of 300 metres but strong cyclones can make fish available at 150 metres.