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Over 90% of mobile internet users in India are men

A report put together by the guys over at MMA and has revealed details regarding mobile internet users in India and it has been found out that the number of men using this mode is way more than

women. Out of the total number of people who access web through their smartphones, only 9 percent are women and as much as 91 percent of them are males.

According to the research analysis, the youth of the nation is more active on the internet via their phones compared to others. About 51 percent of the total internet users fall in the 18 – 24 years age group, while people belonging to the 25 – 35 years group follow with a 30 percent share. 10 percent of these have crossed the 35-year milestone and the remaining 9 percent are below 18.

It should also be noted that close to half of the people (48 percent) who access internet on their phones are highly educated with either a graduate or a post graduate degree. 24 percent users are undergraduate and diploma holders, while 26 percent of these have completed 12 years of schooling. Only 2 percent fall in the uneducated category.

Activities like chatting, emailing and web browsing are common and apart from these, users indulge the most in downloading apps and games, followed by videos, music and themes. They prefer mobile ads that inform them about downloadable content, good deals or various brands. And the report also reveals that these subscribers are economically strong with a relatively high purchasing power.

The analysis by MMA and has especially been put together for advertisers and media planners and should aid app developers, OEMs, network operators and content providers as well.

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