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Home » Entertainment » Okka Kshanam will raise the bar for thrillers in Telugu cinema: Allu Sirish
Okka Kshanam will raise the bar for thrillers in Telugu cinema: Allu Sirish

Okka Kshanam will raise the bar for thrillers in Telugu cinema: Allu Sirish

Ahead of the release of Okka Kshanam, Allu Sirish seems like a mixed bag of exhilaration and pre-release jitters. “It is a thriller based on the concept of parallel lives where two couples’ lives are inter-connected. Okka Kshanam is a ‘next-level thriller’ in Telugu cinema. I just simply had to be a part of it,” says the actor, adding, “When Anand first met me to narrate the script, I was apprehensive. But once I started listening, I was hooked 10 minutes in. By the end of the 45-minute narration, I was bowled over. I immediately said yes and asked when we could start shooting. In the 14 months since I signed the film, I have not taken up anything and have travelled just with this film.”

Sirish and Surbhi play a couple in love, who discover much to their shock that their lives are strikingly similar to those of characters played by Srinivas Avasarala and Seerat Kapoor. “Whatever happens in Avasarala’s life happens in mine and whatever happens in Seerat’s life happens in Surbhi’s. So when something bad happens in Avasarala’s life, my whole drive is to ensure it doesn’t happen in mine. If destiny is fixed, can man still overpower and rewrite his destiny is the question the narrative explores,” he explains.

Sirish plays an “everyday man” Jeeva in film. “He’s a young man, in love, wanting to marry his girlfriend. But how he steps up and stands up to destiny for the sake of love forms the crux of the story,” he says adding, “I enjoyed playing Jeeva because Anand let me interpret the character instead of instructing me on how to feel. He even showed me some French films to pick up the intensity of the performances. I’d imagine how I would react and emote if I were Jeeva and tried to enact the same. The rest of the cast did the same. Anand has a great eye for detail and he used every micro expression of the actors to great effect.”

“I’m really curious to know how the audience will receive Okka Kshanam. This film will give me an idea as to how open the audience is to out-of-the-box films. I really like films like these, so I’m pretty excited,” he adds, signing off.

Source: TOI

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