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Home » Entertainment » No ban against Viswaroopam film says Court

No ban against Viswaroopam film says Court

Today the court clears the ban on Viswaroopam film. Permitted to release the film by tomorrow onwards. Court said, if the government wishes to re appeal and it can do. So the people can expect the release of long waited Film

“I have watched the film and it has no scenes that hurt the sentiments of Muslim community,” Justice Venkataraman had said in a statement.

The verdict on the ban was issued after actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan was requested to settle the matter amicably with the government of Tamil Nadu Jan 28. This was after a judge saw the movie in a private screening Jan 26.

Kamal described the ban as “cultural terrorism” and “Any neutral and patriotic Muslim will surely feel pride on seeing my film. It was designed for that purpose”

Even though the court cleared the ban and gave permission to release the film without any cuts, It is yet to confirm the release date officially.

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