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Nithyananda quits as head of Dhyanapeetam

Tainted godman Swami Nithyananda has resigned as the head of Dhyanapeetam.

“I have decided to live a life of spiritual seclusion for some indefinite time,” Nithyananda said in a statement issued from an undisclosed location late on Monday night.

“I am resigning as the head of Dhyanapeetam and from all the trusts associated with it. A board of trustees consisting of non-controversial sadhakas from the Dhyanapeetam will manage the Dhyanapeetam,” he said.

The godman continued to maintain silence on the sleaze tapes allegedly involving him and a Tamil actress. He claimed that the tapes were part of a conspiracy by the media.

“The recent media reports do not in any way affect the validity or the success of one’s sadhana. If required, I will return and talk about all that had happened as an independent witness to my conduct with a clean heart and pure soul and in a less prejudiced atmosphere,” he said.

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