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Neptune Turns 1 Year this July 12

The planet Neptune will be completing its first full orbit of the Sun on July 12 since its discovery in 1846 by Johann Galle.

The Planetary Society of India (PSI) will be coming up with a program that will assist the teachers to learn more about the planet. On July 12, astronomy workshop planned by the PSI will be held at the All Saints High School in Abids. A science or a social science teacher from individual schools can participate in this workshop.

The workshop aims at the better understanding, by discussing the less recognized facts about the planet like the discovery of planet showed the way to the discovery of Uranus and Pluto. The planet is surrounded by the rings alike Saturn and its 13 moons.

Neptune was acknowledged around 165 years ago and will turn 1-year-old on this July 12. The planet cannot be seen with the bare eyes and so pair of binoculars will be needed to see it.

The exact length of its day is still not sure, as earlier it was notified that it takes around 16 hours and 6 minute. But recently a scientist, Erich Karkoschka, from the University of Arizona in Tucson reported that its length of the days is 15 hours, 57 minutes and 59 seconds.

The workshop will be a knowledgeable experience for the participants.

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