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Home » News » MPs plan to watch Aarakshan this weekend

MPs plan to watch Aarakshan this weekend

New Delhi: Despite the ban and the controversies surrounding the movie ‘Aarakshan’, director Prakash Jha has managed to catch the attention of politicians and many of them are planning to watch Big B in action this weekend.

Eminent Lawyer and MP Ram Jethmalani said that he only watches the movies that create controversies and that other movies are not worth watching. “I am an alcoholic supporter of freedom of expression,” he said.

Controversy over Aarakshan will not only get the aam admi to the theatres but also the Members of Parliament, who after days of sloganeering have got a weekend. Joining the queue of MPs to cinema halls are also Mandal heroes. Some said they would go themselves despite the movie being banned in their own state.

Samajwadi Party member Mulayam Singh Yadav said, “The movie should be banned only after seeing it. I will watch the movie for Amitabh Bachchan.”

There were others who sent their partymen to preview the film.

RJD Chief Lalu Yadav said, “Prakash Jha and Amitabh Bachchan are India’s most unpopular artists and SC/ST is under our constitution and they disobeyed it. Strike action should be taken against them. If this kind of a film is shown in public, it creates problem in the country.”

But overall on day one, the ‘Aarakshan’ controversy did serve its purpose, creating a buzz among the members of Parliament.

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