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More users accessing the Internet through mobile phones

Not long ago, mobile phones were used mainly for calling and texting. Now, however, research suggests that handsets are replacing computers as the preferred method for accessing the Internet.

The study showed that half of users in their 30s log on to the Internet with a mobile device while at work or at home in spite of a computer readily available. The trend may be attributed to strong smartphone sales spearheaded by the popularity of iPhone, which was first released more than two years ago.

Sensis e-Business Report author Christena Singh said that mobile Internet usage has become common across a number of different age groups.

“While younger Australians are more likely to use mobile internet, half of Australians in their 30s are using mobile web, while more than four in 10 log on when they are in their 40s,” Singh said. Respondents said that they access the Internet on mobile devices to look for information such as maps and directions (67 per cent), the weather (64 per cent), news sites (59 per cent), social networking sites (56 per cent) and sports results (46 per cent). Read more at…

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