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Mirattal will rock, says Vinay

Vinay is pinning all his hopes on Mirattal, which hit screens yesterday. The Unnale Unnale actor, who was considered a chocolate lover boy in Kollywood, is now set to take over family audiences with his filmi offering this week.

He’s confident and believes that the hardwork he has put in will pay off at the box office. “There are super expectations from this flick. As a spectator, when I watch movies, I want to be entertained. And our team has ensured that Mirattal will do just that,” he says.

His comic scenes with Santhanam, which are being promoted on television, have raised expectations from the film. Vinay has already worked with the comedian in Jayam Kondaan and it was business as usual in this flick as well.

“Comedy will be one of the film’s highlights,” he says, “Santhanam and I have been great friends and we keep in touch often. I suppose that friendship has worked to the film’s advantage. On the sets, he used to stay as far as he could from me as I’d keep bullying and torturing him.”

Apart from funny lines, the film has a lot of other elements too, he says. “It’s like a package deal; there’s a bit of everything in the film. It’s an ideal weekend watch for the entire family,” adds Vinay.

So, why has Vinay moved on from doing romantic roles? “After my first film, I’ve never done an out-and-out chocolate boy role,” he says, “Whenever I do a film, it’s primarily because of the script, director and the team involved in it. With Mirattal, it was the same.”

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