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Home » Science » Microsoft’s May 2 event: Chromebook rival, Windows 10 Cloud and more
Microsoft’s May 2 event: Chromebook rival, Windows 10 Cloud and more

Microsoft’s May 2 event: Chromebook rival, Windows 10 Cloud and more

Microsoft is hosting an event today in New York, where it is expected to make some announcements around education, and could possibly unveil a new hardware product as well. Microsoft will likely unveil a Chromebook competitor today.

Here’s a quick look at everything expected from today’s Microsoft event. Microsoft’s event starts at 9.30 am ET, which is around 7.00 PM IST.

Chromebook rival

This appears to the big thing Microsoft will reveal today. Earlier leaked documents had highlighted that Microsoft was working on a Chromebook rival. Windows Central had reported this Windows 10 Cloud-based laptop will have basic specifications, which include a quad-core processor coupled with 4GB RAM and 32GB/64GB storage.

Just like Google Chromebook loads instantly, this Windows 10 laptop will boot in under 15 seconds. The leaked documents showed comparisons between this Windows 10 Cloud laptop and Chromebooks around battery life and performance.  The Chromebook rival is being referred to as the Windows 10 CloudBook.

According to reports, this laptop will have a Cloud-based OS of Windows, which will be a stripped down version of the regular, old Windows OS. According to a report on ZDNet, this Cloud-based platform will only run Unified Windows Platform (UWP) apps from the Windows store. It will be interesting to see how this machine is priced, and whether it will be made available globally.


Windows 10 Cloud

This is the new version of Windows 10, which will work and load much faster. Remember Windows RT that was launched for tablets? Well, Microsoft will be hoping to change all of that with its new version of Windows 10, which is meant for more lower end hardware.

According to the leaked documents by Windows Central, this Windows 10 Cloud will have support for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, will able to run Win32 apps, and the user will have the option of upgrading to Windows 10 Home or Pro with a license. This new version of Windows will offer improved battery performance, and it will boot quickly.

The focus with Windows 10 Cloud will be around education. Microsoft wants to make sure that it can capture some of the space Chromebooks have come to occupy in the education segment in the US.

Microsoft Office

Give Microsoft’s focus on education for this event, we’ll have to see how Office fits in with the rumoured Windows 10 Cloud OS.

No Surface Books, Tablets, etc

This is not a Surface event as such, so don’t expect these today. The focus will be around education.


Source: Indian Express

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