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Microsoft unveils Xbox One with live TV

Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled the next iteration of its Xbox videogame console, Xbox One, in its latest bid to keep its market share in the home entertainment system market.

Microsoft’s current console, the Xbox 360, has overtaken the videogame machine market from both the Sony Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii since it was introduced seven years ago.

The Xbox One will take the system several steps further, for the first time offering live television in the multi-functional platform, said Yusuf Mehdi, senior vice-president of marketing and strategy, in a webcast of the unveiling.

Mr. Mehdi said the Xbox One will be an all-in-one entertainment system, with Skype, internet, on-demand TV and movies in addition to live television.

The system will start up in seconds, with the help of an improved version of speech and gesture controls in the popular Kinect game accessory, which also functions with precision at top capacity even in dim light.

Without any lag time, the user can troll through the television programme and back to a game.

“My experience is about communicating with my friends while I’m watching TV, and I might have music on and at the same time I’m playing a game,” said Phil Spencer, corporate vice-president of Microsoft Studios.

Marc Whitten, a top Microsoft manager in the entertainment division, said a core element of the Xbox One is Windows 8, which will allow all Apps for Windows 8 to be engaged.

Microsoft plans to release 15 new exclusive games for the Xbox One, including football game Fifa 14 and Madden NFL 25 for American football.

Director Steven Spielberg will be involved in some productions for the Xbox One, Microsoft said.


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