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Home » Technology » Microsoft brings Xbox Wireless Controller support to Samsung Gear VR
Microsoft brings Xbox Wireless Controller support to Samsung Gear VR

Microsoft brings Xbox Wireless Controller support to Samsung Gear VR

Microsoft had added Xbox Wireless Controller support to the Samsung Gear VR headset, and it will start with the new Minecraft: Gear VR Edition game. With Xbox Controller support, handling the Gear VR will be a lot easier, especially during gaming sessions. Currently the Gear VR has its own D-Pad, but the lack of a controller means it’s not the best during gaming. Gear VR is powered by Facebook’s Oculus.

In a blogpost Microsoft wrote, “Today, we’re excited to announce that the new Xbox Wireless Controller, will soon be compatible with controller-enabled games on Samsung Gear VR starting with Minecraft: Gear VR Edition. In addition, broader support across all Gear VR controller-enabled titles like Herobound, Spirit Champion, Omega Agent, and End Space will be available in the coming months.”

According to Microsoft, the Gear VR edition of Mincraft will let them get “right inside the world of Minecraft and build, explore and battle mobs – all with a fresh perspective.” Microsoft will issue a game update in October to supported Android devices, and then the new Xbox Wireless Controller can be paired to work directly through your Gear VR device for the game.

Microsoft will also issue a software update for the controller, which users need to download first, after which the game update will be rolled out. After that the Gear VR and Xbox Wireless Controller can be connected via Bluetooth.

Micrsoft says it is working on making Xbox Wireless Controller compatible with all controller-supported Gear VR games and future games too. List of supported phones include: Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy s6 edge+, Galaxy S6, or Galaxy S6 edge.

Samsung announced a new version of the Gear VR this year along with the Note 7, which has support for Type-C USB as well as the regular micro-USB ports.


Source: Indian Express

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