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Mangalore crash: 13-year-old’s search for family

At the mortuary in Mangalore, the families of victims mourned the death of their loved ones but one boy is mourning the death of his entire family. Air India flight IX 812 was carrying Rauhan’s father, mother, younger sister, and little brother. But what is making it much worse is that he is unable to even trace the bodies of his two younger siblings.

He’s only 13 but Rauhan is doing a terribly agonising task.

Having lost his parents and two younger siblings to the air crash, he now has to give his blood sample to check if it is matches with the DNA samples of any of the 22 unidentified bodies kept at the Wenlock Mortuary in Mangalore.

After news broke that the plane carrying his entire family crashed, Rauhan and his uncle rushed from Dubai to Mangalore only to know that all four had died. While his mother’s body has been identified, his father’s remains to be identified. But the bodies of his siblings, 4-year-old Zubair and 5-year-old Zainab’s are not even traceable. Read more at…

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