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Major BlackBerry outage affects BBS, email users in India, elsewhere

This is the first major BlackBerry outage affecting BBS, email users in India and across the world. There is a sort of outrage among the BBS users in India right now

A major BlackBerry service outage has hit the BlackBerry users across the world including India. People who use BlackBerry messenger service were the hardest hit as they were unable to either send or receive messengers.

To be true, this was the first major BBM outage this year. Last year, the Ontario, Canada based company suffered multiple service outages when the company was unable to restore the services even in 48 hours. This had also affected company’s stocks and many users switched from BlackBerry to Android smart-phones or even Apple’s iOS. There are at least three hundred thousand Blackberry services users in the country and they will sorely miss BBM services. Its email services were also non-responsive, many users across the country complained.

The problem is at least twenty four hours old and the company hasn’t been able to restore the services even now.

This will badly hit the image of the struggling company that is working hard to keep the flock of its users stick to it.

In the meantime the company seems to be working hard to restore the service. In a press release the company says, “Some of our customers may be experiencing issues with BlackBerry services. All relevant support teams are working to resolve the issue. We apologize to any customers who may be affected”. A senior company official said, “As an update, we can confirm that our technical teams have addressed the issue and BlackBerry services are returning to normal levels. We apologize to customers for any inconvenience. We take all service issues – no matter how small – very seriously and through constant monitoring and investigation we aim to ensure our network meets customer expectations”.

Meanwhile company seems to be bouncing back from the brink as its latest smartphone Z10 is doing reasonably well and its forthcoming Q10 is expected to do even better in the market.


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