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Home » Entertainment » Magazines offering over Rs5 crore for Beti B’s pictures

Magazines offering over Rs5 crore for Beti B’s pictures

The buzz around actors Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s newborn baby girl continues. If before her birth, it was all about the delivery date, now it’s all about getting her pictures first. Unfazed by the fact that the Bachchans have apparently decided against giving away the baby’s pictures, buzz is magazines are scurrying to bag the first exclusive pictures — and are quoting an amount to the tune of over Rs5 crore for them.

As soon as Aishwarya gave birth on the morning of November 16, photographers dashed to get her daughter’s picture, but to no avail. The pressure is on to get pictures of Beti Bachchan, and leading the pack are international tabloids and magazines with overseas reach and deep pockets.

Senior Bachchan took to the social networking site Twitter to clear the air recently. Big B tweeted: “To those that clamour for baby’s picture, I have said it before, it will not be happening… do understand, it’s personal.” But the buzz is that two leading international magazines here have lined up an offer of Rs 5 crore for exclusive pictures of Abhi-Ash’s baby!

Says a source, “Everyone’s clamouring for Baby B’s pictures, especially international magazines, who are fighting it out among themselves.”

As it stands, the Bachchans are pretty clear about their stand on the pictures. But despite Amitabh as well as Abhishek being vocal about “not providing the pictures as of now”, the magazines are not giving up. “They have lined up a good offer of a minimum of Rs 5 crore for the same. It looks like two international magazines are mainly in the running, and have apparently got in touch with the manager and publicist of the Bachchans with their offer,” adds the source, who also informs us that no decisions have been made yet from either party.

With the drama intensifying around Beti B, we have to now wait and watch if she joins the bandwagon of Hollywood celeb kids featured in such magazines or whether the Bachchans choose to stick to their original decision.

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