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Made no money from IPL, says defiant Modi

Nov. 25: Suspended IPL chairman Lalit Modi on Thursday said his ouster as the IPL boss was part of a witch-hunt by people who are “jealous of his success” and that he will return to India only when he is convinced of his security.

In his first major interview since his unceremonious exit, Modi defended himself of any wrong doing and said his family and friends had invested in IPL teams only because nobody else was convinced with the concept. In the lengthy interview, Modi spoke of how people with vested interest in the BCCI tried to pull him down and how he had spent money from his own pocket to make the IPL a huge success.

“I can very clearly tell you that I have not pocketed any money from the IPL. I created something out of nothing. The BCCI had benefited, will benefit in the next ten years in excess of $2 billion. This is something of an initiative that I took on my own, as an honorary member and I did not do it for myself, and the benefit 100 per cent accrued to the BCCI,” the former IPL commissioner said.

“What I did is absolutely by the book. Currently whatever is on is like a witch hunt and you know I’d rather not comment on it. There’s a lot of jealousy all around, and it was more than meets the eye. There are vested groups out there trying to take control, and there is more to it, but I’d rather not get into that right now,” he added. The combative Modi said that his security advisors have instructed him not to return to India because of death threat. “I will return to India as and when I feel secure,” he said.

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