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Home » Technology » Lenovo Unveils T, L and W series Laptops

Lenovo Unveils T, L and W series Laptops

Lenovo has refreshed its Thinkpad range with new 2011 Core i5 and i7 processors, a range of optimus enabled onboard, discrete AMD GPUs, and workstation grade Nvidia Quadro graphics solutions. The laptops also include updated voice calling features, including dual array microphones, an LED-lit microphone mute key, and keyboard noise reduction technology.

Thinkpad T Series: The 14-incher T420 and the slimmer version T420s along with the 15-inch T520 get new 2011 series of Core i5 and i7 processors with the new refresh in the model range. The range gets additional feature with the slim T420s promising 30% faster bootup time, while the T420 claims a whopping 30hr battery life – thanks to its 9-cell extended battery. The graphics subsystem will include Nvidia 4200M GPU with 1GB of VRAM, in addition to power saving Optimus technology as it was found in the previous range. The slim T420s will start at $1,329 (Rs. 60,000 approx.), the T420 at $779 (Rs. 35,000 approx.), and the T520 at $909 (Rs. 41,000 approx.).

ThinkPad L Series: The L series laptops may be bulkier than the slimmer T series, but what they lack in chic, they make up in raw performance in the form of faster processors and a discrete graphics solution. The new laptops will feature various choices of Core i5 and i7 processors and up to 8GB of RAM. It will also feature discrete AMD Radeon HD565 graphics and an optional 80GB mSATA SSD drive. The 14-inch model has a panel with 1366×768 resolution screen, while the 15-inch one has a 1600×900 one. Surprisingly, both 14-inch and 150-inch models start at a price of $719 (Rs. 32,522 approx.); the price then differing as per the level of your configuration.

ThinkPad W520: The W520, like the rest here offers various choices of the 2011 Core i5 and i7 processors, albeit possessing the distinction of allowing optional quad-core i7 variants. The 15-inch workstation also includes GPU configuration options like Nvidia s Quadro 100M and 2000M featuring up to 2GB dedicated graphics memory. Storage option includes SSDs up to capacity of 160GB. The base price starts at $1,329 (Rs. 60,000 approx.), but sop this one up with the powerful options and you re bound to shell out substantially more than that figure.

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