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Lenin special interview on Sun TV about Swami Nithyananda

After the sex scandal video release of swami nithyananada on March 2nd by Sun TV, all media are releasing various shocking news about the hidden life of godman nithyananda, Here in Sun TV today broadcasted a special interview of Mr. Lenin in Nijam program. Lenin is the one who took the scandal video of nithyananda with ranjitha and revealed his real face to the public. In the interview he said Nithyananda is having illegal relationships with nearly 30 women and even men he added. By answering a question about the asset value of nithyananda, he said the real total asset value is not known by anyone, but approximately it will cross over a 1000 crore. While asking for a question, how the video has been taken, Mr. Lenin replied it was taken by a very hi tech camera which was specially got for recording this footage and he refused to tell how it was placed in his room and recorded due to case is still there in the court.

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