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Laser system that can show what’s hidden behind walls

WASHINGTON: Now, you can see what’s behind walls using a laser system which recreates 3-D images of the hidden objects, according to a research led by an Indian-origin scientist. Researchers from the MIT, Harvard University, the University of Wisconsin, and Rice University have studied the erratic behaviour of photons zooming around and bouncing off objects and walls inside a room and combined these photons with advanced optics to enable them to “see” what’s hidden around the corner.

“Imagine photons as particles bouncing right off the walls and down a corridor and around a corner — the ones that hit an object are reflected back. When this happens, we can use the data about the time they take to move around and bounce back to get information about geometry,” an MIT graduate student and author Otkrist Gupta said. This technique could prove invaluable in disaster recovery situations , as well as in noninvasive biomedical imaging applications, study said.
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