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Largest family in the world?

With 162 members, this family in Mizoram can easily be the largest in the world living together under one roof in a picturesque village about 100 kilometers from Baktawng.

The head of the family and leader of the ‘Chana’ sect, 66-year-old Ziona, has 38 wives, 94 children with some of his sons having married and having children of their own living together in a RCC building named Chhuan That Run or the House of the new Generation.

The sect called Ziona Ka pa or ‘Father’, believes in Kum sang rorel or the rule of one thousand years by Christ on earth as foretold in the Bibles Revelation chapter 20 and that they would be ruling the world with Christ soon.

One of Zionas wives said that though their sons lived in different rooms in the building they all shared the kitchen where they cooked for the entire family. Read more at…

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