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Home » Entertainment » Kumari 21F review: The film is surprisingly good though it takes time to settle down
Kumari 21F review: The film is surprisingly good though it takes time to settle down

Kumari 21F review: The film is surprisingly good though it takes time to settle down

First let me point you to the bridge that divides men and women on the basis of unequal ridiculousness. There was this brouhaha among the social networking circles that International Men’s Day was largely ignored by the womenfolk recently. The topic also included how men would post statuses to show their support on Women’s Day. I have to say I agree with them.

‘Kumari 21F’ is made with a similar pair of binoculars. Hebah Patel who plays Kumari in the film falls in love with Raj Tarun at the first sight and gets chatty on adult conversations within a couple of seconds. Had this been the other way around, Raj Tarun would be counting his injuries in a prison cell for misbehaving and indulging in inappropriate talks with a woman. But his face turns from “clueless” to “interesting” and that sort of tells why this unusual chemistry works on-screen just the way it is supposed to.

Hebah Patel initially seems like a motormouth. Sukumar’s lead characters are psychologically wired differently. At least one of the characters in his films behaves in a way that will amuse the audience and the other characters present in the film. Here, Tarun tries hard to accept Hebah’s carefree nature. He’s afraid that every guy she meets is her potential catch. To add spice to his notions, she is a model who sometimes works or parties all night. The song “Love Cheyyaala Oddhaa” really brings all his doubts about her to the fore.

Trust is an invisible bird that flies between two people regardless of what one says to the other. When that bird flies away, there’s only little amount of emotion left to save a relationship. Rebuilding that is again a difficult task. Also, Sukumar’s story is spot on when it comes to friendships. This film serves a dual purpose on that note. The saying “Choose your friends wisely” definitely holds true in this film’s case. After all, his friends are ATM robbers. That’s not a great choice, right?

Kumari 21F is primarily about confusions of a boy in love. So, Rathnavelu, the DOP, gets his camera up for a romantic scene in a dark street with light pouring in from one corner. That’s how he paints romance in the air. His work adds freshness to the story. Every now and then the actors are presented in a beguiling frame. He makes it a challenge to look away.

Palnati Surya Pratap’s directorial debut isn’t all mushy and he deserves a pat on his back for that. The emotions of the leads are true and it rightly says that at the end of the day trust is all that matters and nothing else comes into the picture.

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Cast: Raj Tarun, Hebah Patel, Noel Sean

Director: Palnati Surya Pratap

Rating: 3.5/5


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