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Home » Gadgets » iPhone 8 set to bring Apple back in the game, predict analysts
iPhone 8 set to bring Apple back in the game, predict analysts

iPhone 8 set to bring Apple back in the game, predict analysts

Time and again, iPhone 8 is said to come with a complete design makeover. The company is celebrating 10 years since it made the first phone — a product that changed how people used mobile phones. And for that, it is ought to do something special.

But a new analysis predicts that it is not just the dreamy new iPhone 8 design that will open the doors to Apple’s number crunching sales figures, but that it is bound to happen out of a strong user base and changing times.

A team of analysts from Bernstein predict that next couple of years for Apple could turn out to be a huge success because there will be so many users waiting to upgrade to a new iPhone. Toni Sacconaghi Jr. and his team of analysts extrapolates data — a four year statistics — to year 2018, revealing that the number of iPhone users will grow to 855 million eventually from the 691 million users in 2016.


The analysts also take into account the rate at which users upgrade to a new iPhone, which by the way is so consistent that the extrapolation can be quite confidently presented. The data reveals every year more than a fourth of total iPhones are bought by users upgrading from their old iPhone.

The installed base of iPhones will eventually become so high in a period starting this year that number of users needing to upgrade to a new iPhone will be huge. Like, about 203 million iPhones will become old enough by 2018 that their users are likely to buy a newer, or the latest model. This alone is about 150 per cent of what Apple sold in 2016.

“Our analysis indicates that iPhone’s installed base will be nearly ~80% larger entering the iPhone 8 cycle than it was entering the strong iPhone 6 cycle,” BGR quotes the Bernstein analyst saying.


And those are just upgrades. There are always new users joining the iPhone clan — though the number has been diminishing since the year 2014 — thanks to Android, a new CEO and a paradigm shift in the phone’s looks.

Apple had a rough 2016 in particular though, with sales dropping by 8 per cent despite it calling the iPhone 7 an “incremental update”. Despite that, Android based Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S7 fared much better. While Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 saw an increase in number of device activations by as much as 13 percent and 36 percent respectively, the Google Pixel witnessed a staggering 112 percent raise in the 24-28 November festive period in US.

The iPhone 8, which could launch earlier this year than the usual September launch, is said to come in three variants — two of them an upgrade over the iPhone 7 and one, probably the anniversary edition, with OLED display and a zero-bezel design with virtual fingerprint sensor, face detection capability, A11 chip, wireless charging, water proofing and new battery technology.


Source: India Today

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