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Home » Gadgets » iPhone 7 Plus model 128GB version Black instead of Jet Black are the most popular variants
iPhone 7 Plus model 128GB version Black instead of Jet Black are the most popular variants

iPhone 7 Plus model 128GB version Black instead of Jet Black are the most popular variants

Apple says the initial supplies of the iPhone 7 Plus and the Jet Black iPhone 7 are sold out. Despite the phones selling out, the crowds at stores this year are noticeably smaller. Data released by Slice Intelligence reveals the preferences of iPhone customers. The data covers only digital sales in the first 48 hours of availability.

For the first time, orders of the Plus model were more than the orders of the regular model. For both the release cycles of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s, users ordered more regular sized devices than Plus sized. For the iPhone 7, more users preferred the Plus variant. The dual cameras might have been a factor in more users going for the iPhone 7. However, the number of users preferring the 6s Plus increased compared to the number of users who ordered the 6 Plus, so the trend shows preferences moving towards larger devices.

The data also reveals the previous phones used by buyers. Not surprisingly, more than half of the new iPhone buyers had previously owned Apple devices. A survey conducted in the UK showed that only half of existing iPhone users wanted to upgrade to a new phone. Over 34 percent of users had no phone at all. Only 2 percent of Samsung users purchased the new iPhone, so that was all Apple managed to convert this year.

Next comes data on the colour preferences for iPhone users. This year, the iPhone is available in the most colours ever. The options are Black, Jet Black, Rose Gold, Gold and Silver. For the 6 and the 6s, the most popular colour was Space Grey. For the new iPhone 7, the most popular colour by far is Black. Jet Black comes in next, replacing a position held by Rose Gold for the 6s release cycle and Gold for the 6. Although Space Grey was the most popular colour for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s, the option is not even available for the iPhone 7. Silver was more popular than Gold in the previous release cycle, but now Gold has made a comeback for the iPhone 7, and is more popular than Silver.

128GB of storage is the most ordered storage tier. 67 percent of orders were for the 128GB version. The 32GB version was the least popular, a trend that has changed since the launch of the iPhone 6. For the iPhone 6 launch, the 16GB version was marginally more popular than the top of the line 128GB version. The consistent trend over the years is that every year Apple offers three storage tiers, and every single time, the middle storage tier has consistently been the most popular.


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