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Home » News » Infosys tweaks its pan-India management policy, post Rasila murder
Infosys tweaks its pan-India management policy, post Rasila murder

Infosys tweaks its pan-India management policy, post Rasila murder

Suggestions range from laptops facilitating ‘work from home’ to a more approachable management; Mirror published these reports on January 31, February 1 and 2 (from top) on the murder that shook the city’s software hub
Company sifts through over 9,000 suggestions received from employees to create a secure work environment

Twenty-four-year-old Rasila Raju OP’s murder inside the offices of Infosys four days ago, generated audible whispers within the corridors of the tech giant, regarding security for women working night shifts. This was explored in the story titled ‘Techies slam Infosys for forced night shifts’, in Pune Mirror, dated February 1. Four days after the murder of the young woman, Infosys has finally taken steps to make its corporate offices secure for workers. After seeking suggestions from over 9,000 respondents, the management has sent out a mail to all its employees across the country detailing this.

The mail addressed to all ‘Infoscion’ expresses ‘shock and dismay’ at the tragic demise of Rasila. “We understand that many of you are shaken by the incident and now feel you need to be on guard even within our campuses,” states the mail sent by the senior management. After Rasila’s murder, investigators as well as the company’s own employees turned to several social media platforms to express their anger.

A team was put in place to scrutinise the suggestions to firm up ways to improve the security measures. The immediate steps deployed by the management includes a work from home facility and giving out laptops — the latter has been a bone of contention at Infosys. “Give a bloody laptop and ask to work from home! That could have been done. But Infy is too much into following processes and taking n number of permissions. I don’t understand this lacking hardware resources too. They don’t have even laptops to provide. Infosys management sucks big time (sic),” one of the employees posted.

That seems to be a thing of the past, now, with the management announcing a work from home facility, including giving away laptops in situations where remote working is feasible. This is part of four security measures that were announced on Thursday. Others are, “relooking at the rosters, especially where a single team member is required. For unavoidable situations, we are putting in place additional security measures; including a review of our security procedures by an expert external consultant; and lastly increase in deployment of alarm buttons in buildings as well as rapid response teams,” the mail reads.

Earlier, when most employees had complained about how when they approached managers with requests to not be put on night shifts all alone, they were directed to human resources, who clinically showed them their contracts stating that they would have to work in shifts. “I too work in same ODC (offshore development centre) sometimes alone in the night shift. Initially I said no to the project because of night shift. But our very own HR told me that I had already agreed to work on shifts, as do so many other girls. Now I am feeling completely blank after this incident (sic),” said one of the employees on a social networking site.

The mail states that these are only immediate measures and over and above the existing ones which includes safety committee at every DC, Infosys emergency app, 24×7 emergency number, among others.

When this reporter reached out to the spokesperson for Infosys, she confirmed the corrective measures taken by the company.

Meanwhile, accused Bhabhen Saikia is not showing any remorse over what he has done. Investigators revealed that he had confessed to the crime but hasn’t even once in the last four days, since his arrest, said anything to suggest that he is sorry for what he has done. Saikia (27) allegedly murdered Rasila Raju OP (24) on Sunday evening with a computer cable while she was working alone on the ninth floor of one of the buildings in Infosys Phase II campus in Pune. He first thrashed her ruthlessly and then strangled her. He apparently told the investigators that she had threatened to report him to the management for staring at her. Saikia, the cops believe, felt that he would lose his job if she complained, and hence murdered her in a fit of rage.

Meanwhile, Saikia’s lawyers have said that they are not going by his confession to the police. Advocates Tosif C Shaikh and Sajid B Shah told Mirror that cops have been urged to look at other aspects of the crime as well. “We are not ready to accept that he is single handedly responsible for the crime. We have requested that the police must investigate whether it was a contract killing. Cops often get confessional statements from an accused while they are in custody and close the case. Saikia is a poor security guard and his family is away in Assam. He is obviously an easy prey for the cops,” said Shaikh.

Source: TOI

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