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Indias Signature Dish? Masala Dosa!

What is made with ground rice and white split lentils batter, circular or oval in shape, golden brown on the outside, fluffy white on the inside, roasted to perfection on a griddle, with its inner white walls coated with a liberal dollop of garlic-red chilli chutney before a cup of boiled potatoes fried with sliced onions and slit green chillies is ladled onto the middle, then folded over into a perfect arc, a small tor on a plate or a nonchalant shape and served with a spoonful of butter on top and a cup of fragrant coconut chutney tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves?

Potato-filled South Indian crepes, as Epicurious labels it in its “Around the world in 80 dishes”.

We’ll stick to the time-tested, easily rolled-off-the-tongue, pentasyllabic ‘Masala Dosa’ that doesn’t need accentuation in the form of  carets or tildes, what say?

This could be seen as a proud moment for South Indians who’ve long had to deal with well-meaning countrymen from north of the Hebbal Flyover, as Thejaswi calls them, pronouncing the “Do” half of the second word as a hard consonant rather than a soft one.

It’s pronounced Though-Sah. Yes, like that. Try it, it’s not tough at all.

I’ve seen some very ladylike friends try to eat it in small nibbles with knife and fork — you can’t commit a bigger sin than try to eat a Masala Dosa with any instrument other than your fingers. For one, your digits are God-given. Secondly, they don’t add a metallic taste to the dosa-eating experience. Thirdly — um, do you need a third reason when a Masala Dosa is staring you in the face?

Much as I love paratha and vada pav and aloo poshto, my South Indian roots and gastronomical leanings have been validated that India is defined by the Masala Dosa amid food-loving circles the world over.


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