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Home » News » I will join Baba Ramdev on June 5: Anna Hazare

I will join Baba Ramdev on June 5: Anna Hazare

New Delhi: After the Baba Ramdev scare, there is a new complication for the government. Now, Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev pose a combined challenge to the UPA government and the Congress party.

Anti-corruption crusader and Lokpal panel member Anna Hazare on Thursday announced that he will join Baba Ramdev’s protest fast in Delhi on June 5 saying he won’t allow the government to weaken the anti-corruption agitation.

Hazare lashed out at the Centre saying that the government has tried to cheat civil society members on the Lokpal bill and tried to sabotage the Lokpal panel.

“I will join Baba Ramdev on June 5. The fight is against corruption. I will talk to Baba on how to go forward on the fight against corruption. The government has tried to cheat us. The government had assured us that they would look into our demand,” he said.

With just two days to go for Baba Ramdev’s fast, battle lines are drawn between the government and civil society groups fighting for a strong anti-graft bill.

“I will support Baba Ramdev so that the government does not do what it did when we were fighting. We will fight together against corruption,” he added.

Hazare claimed that the government lacks the intention to root out corruption from the system. He said that the government is insecure and is only trying to prolong its stay at the Centre.

“The government is bringing in clauses so as to let corruption grow. The government lacks the intention to root out corruption from the system,” he said.

Anna Hazare also said that there is no divide in the civil society over the Lokpal bill.

“There is no two views on Lokpal bill between us and Baba,” he said.

Meanwhile, the UPA’s outreach to Baba Ramdev continues. Ministers are expected to meet Ramdev on Thursday as well.

The Cabinet too is expected to discuss the Ramdev issue. significantly the Congress Core Committee will also meet today. Baba Ramdev though is firm on going ahead with his fast, starting Saturday.

The meetings come even as the party indicated it was miffed with the government’s red carpet rolled out to the Yoga guru at the airport on Wednesday – he was received by four Union Ministers and the cabinet secretary.

The party is also worried about the fact that the RSS has come out in support of Baba’s protest.

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