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Home » News » HK Chief: Snowden case to be handled by HK law

HK Chief: Snowden case to be handled by HK law

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Chief Leung Chun-ying has made his first public comments on Edward Snowden whistleblowing case. He said late on Saturday that Hong Kong’s government would handle the case in accordance with established laws, if the US government requests help.

Also on Saturday, a few hundred demonstrators marched through Hong Kong to demand protection for Snowden. Hong Kong and the US signed an extradition treaty in 1998, which comes into force in criminal cases, but not in political cases. Mr. Snowden however, thinks his leaking of US government operations is political, therefore not covered by the extradition treaty.

Marchers also gathered outside the U.S. consulate shouting slogans denouncing alleged spying operations aimed at Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. Mr. Leung also said the government will follow up on any incidents related to violations of privacy or other rights of Hong Kong SAR’s institutions or people.


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