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Google refuses to remove blasphemous content from YouTube in Pakistan

The web giant said the localisation process of YouTube in Pakistan would take time, as it is looking for suitable laws.

The Google Malaysia Communications and public affairs head Zeffri Yusof in an interview with Daily Times said that Google was offering a localised version of YouTube in 49 countries around the world.

Yusof said they offer local content that is more relevant to users in that country and abiding by that country’s laws,

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and restrict access to a video when it is notified that it is illegal in a particular country.

Yusof further said countries like Pakistan have access to a global version of the site and they need to be notified of the video content in order to customise its access in a particular country after a thorough review.

According to Yusof the localisation process can be lengthy, as they need to research laws and build relationships with local content creators.

The issue has come to light after YouTube posted an anti-Islamic video on the site in September 2012. Since then YouTube has been blocked in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani Information Minister Anusha Rehman has warned Google of banning the entire site and all its products if ‘blasphemous and objectionable material’ was not removed from YouTube.


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