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Google Image Search, Voice Search & Instant Pages Announced!

Google has announced three major updates to their search engine viz. ‘Google Search By Image’, ‘Google Voice Search’ for desktop and Google Instant Pages at Inside Search event few hours ago. While Google is focused on bringing computing to mobile devices, these major updates specifically target the desktop users. While the voice search feature is native to Android operating system; desktop users will now be able to type less and still perform searches for the keywords of interest. Let us take you through these features one by one –

Google Search By Images

Remember the services ‘TinEye‘ or ‘GazoPa‘? Well, these services are going to have a hard time from now on. We already notice that GazoPa is already shutting down and we don’t know how long will TinEye survive. Google Search By Image does the obvious – it lets you input an image file as a search term and Google uses its algorithms to figure out similar images and also more information about the image. For example, if you feed Google with an image of Taj Mahal, Google will first figure out that the image is of Taj Mahal and then ferret its huge database of images and text to find other Taj Mahal images and more information about the monument. It will then output the relevant links as search results. Given the love Google has for speed, the whole process takes less than a second.

You can drag and drop an image or input image URL in the search box in order to perform the search operation. Google mentions that their algorithm will not do face recognition. The feature will roll out all over the globe over the next few days, but the following video demo should give you a clear idea –

Google Voice Search

Android users are already familiar with this feature. In order to perform search, you simply need to turn on voice search and speak your search keywords. Your computer will need a microphone to accept the voice input and then guess what you were trying to say. The feature will be available to Chrome users initially. Also, the voice search will support English language in the beginning and support to other languages can be expected in near future. Here’s a demo video of Google Voice Search –

Google Instant Pages

The instant pages feature will be made available for Chrome users. While you input search terms, Google will figure out the results and also determine which search result you are likely to click. With this decision made, Google Chrome will silently fetch the page in your browser so that the page gets loaded in your browser as soon as you click on the results link. We guess Google will automatically fetch the first two pages automatically but if you are the one who doesn’t usually go with Google, this feature may not be very useful for you. Here’s video demo –

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