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Google begins advertising Pixel phones in New York City

Google begins advertising Pixel phones in New York City

Google has advertised Nexus phones before. But this time, it looks like Google is going all in. The device has not been announced by Google, yet there are already a bunch of advertising displays popping up around New York City.

The ads look much like the teaser that was released around the same time the press got invitations to attend Google’s announcement event in San Francisco. We see an empty rectangle with “Oct 4” and the Google “G” across from the date. Some of the displays also feature a hashtag which reads “MadeByGoogle”. Google hopes that using the “G” will intrigue passersby who see it and wonder, “Hm, Google is making a phone?” since the average consumer likely doesn’t know what a “Nexus” device is at this point.

google-ad-3 google-ad-2

It looks like this time around, with the fresh start of a rebranded “Pixel” lineup, Google wants to kick off its Pixel launch phones with a bit more aggressive advertising. For starters, advertising in New York City is not by any means cheap. The ad over the subway station is in an area near Penn Station in Manhattan with gobs of foot traffic from both locals and tourists alike.

There are big hope Google commits to its Pixel devices and continues to push more advertising to get the word out that there are great smartphones made by companies other than Apple and Samsung. With advertising on this scale, this early on, we could expect to see the Pixel phones hitting carrier stores. Something that Google tried with the Nexus 6, but then stopped doing with the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X.


Source: GSM Arena

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