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Home » News » Google adds another easter egg, the “Zerg rush”

Google adds another easter egg, the “Zerg rush”

Google likes its Doodles and so do we, but another treat that Google and us as customers love are their easter eggs. Back on Valentine’s Day, Google released an easter egg, celebrating the love by using an equation that when plotted on a graph, would present you with an image of a heart. Now, Google, in a flash of randomness has decided to celebrate the gaming spirit and let out the “zerg rush” easter egg. The nice thing about the easter egg is that you don’t have to turn off the search while typing setting in order to enjoy it. Type the words “zerg rush” into the search window on What you will see is a bunch of red and yellow “o”s taking over your screen, erasing what’s on it and eventually forming “GG”. You will see options to clear your screen or “Share your score”. Hit the “share your score” button and Google will give you a post for your Google+ account reading “I defended against a #zergrush on Google Search”.

You can also fight back against the zergs by clicking on them three times. Just remember that you can fracture your thumb clicking on the zergs as much as you want, they’re going to outnumber you and take you down. That of course, is what makes your score. Google will measure your APM as well as your score to share to your Google+ account. It will say that you took down x number of zerglings with 80 APM. The idea of a “rush” comes from real-time strategy video games where the term indicates that you flood your enemy with your own battle units, overpowering them and taking over because they cannot match you with your sheer number of fighters. In the game, StarCraft, the alien race called the Zergs used this tactic quite frequently.

This isn’t the first time Google’s released an easter egg paying homage to a popular game. The famous “do a barrel roll” trick was inspired by a 1997 Nintendo game, Star Fox 64, where Peppy, the game’s space rabbit tells Fox McCloud, the game’s protagonist to “do a barrel roll”, which you make him do by pressing ‘z’ or ‘r’ twice. The trick itself on Google by either typing, “Do a barrel roll” or “Z or R twice” in the Google search window. The result would be your entire screen does a backflip, just as the name of the trick suggests. Have you tried defeating the zergs yet? What’s your score? Let us know in the comments below.

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