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Get UID number at your post office

BANGALORE: From today, you can enrol for your Unique Identification Number (UID) in Bangalore. Just walk into one of the post offices which have been empanelled for the enrolment. The project was launched by India Post, one of the registrars of UIDAI, at the General Post Office on Friday.

About 4 million enrolments and 18 lakh Aadhaars (12-digit unique number) have been issued in the state. From today, enrolments will start in a phased manner through post offices but full-scale enrolments will kick off in a month’s time once tenders are finalized. As of now, 10 post offices in Bangalore will begin enrolment.

“In Tumkur and Mysore, 85% of enrolments have been completed. Now, we are moving to Gulbarga and Belgaum. It will start in Dharwad, Bijapur, Yadgir and Gulbarga and then roll out in Bangalore in a bigger way. Our target is to cover the entire population of the state by March 2012,” said deputy director general, UIDAI, Bangalore, Ashok Dalwai.

Almost 20% of the total national enrolments has happened in Karnataka. Nearly 236 post offices across the state will offer this service.

Dalwai stressed that UID was a medium of social inclusion and providing identity for people who were completely left out and had no proper identification documents. “Today, even if you don’t have any document, you can at least tell us your name, approximate age, residence and gender and we can still enrol you. That is the uniqueness of this system. The capturing of biometrics through 10 fingerprints, iris scan, and facial photo can give us an accurate identity system. For the first time, a country is doing this and not depending on a system of cards,” he said. Dalwai added that since the system doesn’t require other background information like religion, language and others, there are privacy issues.

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