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From safe to active mode: Curiosity is back to work

MUMBAI: Nasa”s Curiosity rover is on path to recovery from last week”s memory glitch and has transitioned from a precautionary safe mode to an active status. Resumption of full operations is anticipated by next week, Nasa said on Tuesday.

Last week controllers were forced to switch the rover to a redundant on board computer — the B-side computer — when the A-side computer that Curiosity had been using showed a corrupted memory location. The swap put the rover into what is known as a “minimal activity safe mode”.

Nasa in a statement said that Curiosity exited the safe mode on Saturday and resumed using high gain antenna on Sunday. “We

are making good progress in

the recovery,”” Mars science laboratory project manager, Richard Cook, has stated.

He said that one path of progress is evaluating the Aside with intent to recover it as a back up. “Also we need to go through a series of steps with the B-side , such as informing the computer about the state of the rover — the position of the arm, the position of the mast, that kind of information,”” he said.

Meanwhile, five days after releasing data from Curiosity”s scientific instruments to the public, Nasa has done the same with what is known as the mission analyst”s notebook which provides access to mission”s science data archives and other aspects as well.

On Tuesday, this important document was placed in the public domain which allows any person who is interested in the mission to learn more about it.

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