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Fidgeting could add years to your life

‘Fidgeting’ may include activities that are unlike exercise, such as standing up and bouncing on your heels, wiggling your hips to some music or sauntering around the house during a TV commercial break.Although doctors still recommend more than 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise weekly to keep fit, they said less strenuous activities could also be beneficial, the Telegraph reports.

Wilby Williamson, a National Health Service expert in sports and exercise medicine, said: “People are watching television for up to four hours a day and spending 60-70 percent of their time being sedentary, and that is because of our lifestyle and occupations.”

“Reducing our sitting time makes us better at breaking sugars and fats down, which can help reduce our risk of metabolic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease,” Williamson said.

“The risk factors for cardiovascular disease and longevity start to increase above two hours of television watching per day. If you can make your TV watching or screen time more active that could be beneficial,” said Williamson.