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EMC launches network storage products

EMC Corporation, an information infrastructure solution provider, on Wednesday announced the launch of a suite of 40 new network storage products.

Manoj Chugh, President, EMC India and SAARC, said the range of products and technologies offered by the company would enable companies to handle the problem of ‘information overload’ they are facing.

Mr. Chugh pointed out that the small and medium business segment is the ‘hottest sector’ in the market for network storage products. “The entry and mid-range segments account for about 70 per cent of the market,” he remarked. The amount of information that was being created and shared in India was growing at twice the global average, he observed.

The growing volumes of data in areas such as geophysical studies, seismic studies, pharmaceuticals, animation, gene sequencing “pose challenges to the management of information,” Mr. Chugh added.

Mr. Chugh observed than more than 70 per cent of IT budgets in most companies still goes towards managing existing infrastructure and applications. Cloud computing, he said, would play an increasingly important role in the management of much larger information flows, he said. “In a few years one third of the volume of all information will live in or pass through a cloud,” he added.

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