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Elizabeth Taylor Dead at 79

“Give. Remember to always give. This is the thing that will make you grow.”

Those are the words of one of the greatest movie stars to ever grace this earth, Elizabeth Taylor, who died this morning (Wednesday March 23rd) at the age of 79 of congestive heart failure.

This blog is just of my initial thoughts of her death, as I am severely crunched for time. Later this week I will write a more fitting tribute for Miss Taylor.
Elizabeth Taylor was a complicated woman. She survived a lot of hardships and created some too. She loved her work and she loved the many men in her life. People who criticize her often don’t try to put themselves in her shoes. She did what she had to do to survive, as did we all. She was often in the public spotlight because of her many affairs and leanings, but she did the best she could with the resources she was given.

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