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Drinking Lemonade Daily Keeps Kidney Stones At Bay

An American professional has said that drinking lemon juice can help prevent kidney stones. Roger L. Sur, director of UC San Diego Comprehensive Kidney Stone Center, said that having lemonade daily is one of five methods to prevent kidney stones.
Besides, drinking enough fluids can lessen your ingestion of salt, dietary calcium as well as protein. In a new research carried out by Sur, having four ounces of reconstituted lemon juice in two litres of water on a daily basis – was shown to cut the rate of stone formation from 1.00 to 0.13 stones per patient. Other fruit juices contain less citrate and are often supplemented with calcium and have oxalate, one of the main elements of kidney stones. In actual fact, the most usual kidney stone is a calcium stone, which is composed mainly of calcium oxalate. According to Sur, calcium stones can be caused by excessive intake of salt that arouses calcium excretion in the urine.

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