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Divyanka Tripathi is over the moon!

Divyanka Tripathi is over the moon!

The recently married actress observed karwa chauth for the first time

Divyanka Tripathi celebrated her first karwa chauth this year and she is over the moon about her experience. Her husband Vivek Dahiya may not have fasted with her, but the love and care he showered on her throughout the day was enough for Divyanka to hold the vrat for a lifetime.

She says, “My hubby and I took time off from our shoot to celebrate the festival. Vivek was really worried for me the entire day. He did not want me to fast, in the first place. He is not into spiritualism and rituals, but I wanted to hold the vrat. Though he did not fast because he cannot stay hungry, when his lunch came, he couldn’t eat. He felt super-guilty about it. He called me and said, ‘How can I eat when you are staying hungry?’ I had to comfort him, only then did he eat.”

In the evening, when it was time to break the fast, Divyanka and Vivek waited together for a glimpse of the moon. They landed on Marine Drive where they thought they could sight it sooner. “But to our surprise, we couldn’t. Then, we looked at the compass according to which the moon would be sighted in the east and not west. It was 9.30 pm by then and Vivek was feeling hungry, but he couldn’t complain because I had fasted the entire day! We went to a nearby hotel and asked them if we could go on the terrace. They agreed and we finally saw the moon,” laughs Divyanka.

After doing the pooja, she broke the fast with mathri that her hubby fed her. It was sent by her mother from Chandigarh. Then the much-in-love couple had dinner at the restaurant. “The whole affair was so sweet and romantic. After the dinner, the attendant brought a cake which had ‘Happy first karwa chauth’ written on it. I was touched by the gesture. Then he brought a gift, which frankly shocked me! Only when I opened it did I realise it was a gift from my husband. He gave me a beautiful diamond bracelet. He reasoned that since I couldn’t wear my mangalsutra everyday, he brought me the bracelet, that can be worn regularly.”

Tell her that several people consider this ritual of wives fasting for their husbands regressive and she disagrees. “It’s not about tradition or about making a woman fast. As I said neither my husband nor my in-laws wanted me to fast. I did it on my own. I feel it’s the best way of bonding between a husband and wife. Women who fast, do it out of sheer love. A woman should be allowed to do what she wants. My mother doesn’t fast. It should be a choice and not forced upon. Ye pyar mohabbat badhanewali cheez hai, compulsion se nahi hota. Also, you have to understand that this tradition was started when the husband and wife couldn’t touch or express their love for each other openly. Through this ritual the wife would show her love for him and he would feed her water. With time it has all changed because we are more open now, but the essence remains the same. It’s a romantic ritual.”

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