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Corona Virus Full Stats

India Stats

153,237 Total Cases
4,365 Deaths
64,733 Recovered

Global Stats

5,710,753 Total Cases
352,869 Deaths
2,451,511 Recovered
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Daily Fitness

Health should be a top priority in each and every person’s life, but this is not the case. Just stop for a moment and muse over how much care you take of your health each day. You will probably realize that you hardly bother to take time out for yourself. Good health not only makes us active but also keeps us fit to face the everyday challenges of our very busy and hectic lives. Only with good health can you overcome the stress and fatigue of daily life. Being healthy increases your efficiency and improves your productivity at work as well.

In fact, it is important for us to stay on the move every day and try to incorporate some healthy eating habits, so that we can enjoy our lives in all the possible ways. Much as we may try to get healthy nutritious food, our diet still falls short of various vital nutrientsand we fail to get all that our body needs in the requisite amounts. So, to stay fit and active daily to face life’s challenges, incorporate Ranbaxy’s Revital into your daily life and experience the change for yourself. Read Full story from the Publisher.

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