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Coming soon: Google Now on your search homepage

It seems Google has begun testing out the live code for bringing Google Now on the Google Homepage itself.

According to a report in GoogleSystem, it looks like Google Now won’t be limited to Android, iOS and Chrome, it will also be added to Google’s homepage. Some code from a page that’s tested by Google offers more information about this feature.

Essentially Google Now syncs with your Google account and gets your all the information based on your activities. From what movie tickets you’ve booked to flight timing, basically its everything you’ve chosen to share with Google.

Also as this piece in ArsTechnica points outs, Google Now will bring up places you’ve searched for the next time your phone sees you’re in that location.

The report also points that there is other information embedded in the code which indicates that Google Now is coming to the homepage. For instance, the phrases, “Get started with Google Now,” “Just the right information at just the right time,” or “Google Now uses your Home location to show relevant information like weather, traffic conditions, and nearby places.” have been spotted.

GoogleSystem has also put up screenshots of the Google Homepage with the Google Now functionality.

The fact that Google Now is one of most important products for the company is nothing is new. Google recently added web speech support for Chrome as well. CEO Larry Page keeps emphasising the importance of Google Now in each investor call. In the Q1 2013 call, Page spoke about how the future of Voice-based search and Google Now. He said, “Voice commands are going to be increasingly important. It’s just much less hassle to talk than type! So this quarter we launched Chrome support for web speech APIs. Developers can now easily add voice recognition into their web apps. We expect to see a lot of innovation there.”

Clearly, Now will coming to your Google Homepage soon.


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