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CM inaugurates a global movement against Childhood Obesity

CM inaugurates a global movement against Childhood Obesity

On the note of Children’s day, Diabetes day and Obesity Day all of which fall in the month of November, CM Devendra Fadnavis has launched a global campaign.

On the note of Children’s day, Diabetes day and Obesity Day all of which fall in the month of November, Honorable Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has launched a global campaign against childhood obesity. This is an initiative by Rotary club of Koregaon Park with JT Foundation. India is the diabetes capital of the world and by 2025 will be the second largest country with childhood obesity according to World Health Organisation (WHO). As a concrete step taken towards the prevention and care of childhood obesity; a documntary and a BMI dialler were released by the Honorable Chief Minister on Thursday in Pune.

As Rotary Club has global level expertise in mass campaigning in Health, Rotary Club of Koregaon Park  has taken the initiative to take this cause from district to state to the nation and finally on global platform. A documentary is prepared to create awareness in the schools with the help of JT Foundation. This will be gradually showcased in more than 6000 schools within Pune district. With the help of a BMI dialler, school children, parents and teachers will also be sensitized about childhood obesity by the volunteers of Rotary Club across Pune district.

The objective of this initiative is to reach out to everyone irrespective of the socio-economic background. A request was put forth to the state government to declare obesity as a disease. Health should be made a part of all policies. In her speech, Dr Jayshree Todkar mentioned about the obesity task force formulated with the state government and about the actions needed. First of all, in the school curriculum obesity and nutrition should be included in the syllabus. Secondly, obesity clinics should be set up across all healthcare levels. Ensure proper food labelling and create an environment to boost physical activity and sports. If you have an obese child 9 DON’Ts you must follow

“Fewer children these days are found in the playground, moreover, all comforts are provided to these children easily. This is one of the major causes for rampant rise in childhood obesity. Children imbibe through observation hence it is essential that we as adults absorb a healthy lifestyle. We need to highlight the importance of healthy and unhealthy food from a young age itself so that it becomes a habit among children. Schools are the apt place to inculcate such values, children will learn from their peers and teachers to develop a healthy lifestyle. I am the biggest example of childhood obesity, during that period there was no one to guide about nutrition and importance of physical activity. But, this campaign by Rotary Club and Dr Jayshree Todkar will ensure that childhood obesity will not hamper the growth or development of our future generations. This is a positive movement and the government will ensure support to spread this across Maharashtra,” said  Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister, Maharashtra. These 6 ways you can help your kid fight childhood obesity

“It is essential to identify the high risk population and get to provide further treatment. Hospitals like Apollo Spectra and Sahyadri Hospital have come forward to provide expert help in this mission. Expertise of JT Foundation in organizing more than 600 camps across state combined with the vast resources of volunteers from Rotary Club, we aim to take this fight against childhood obesity to the next level. Pune tops the first five cities of India in obesity, for it is the most appropriate place to launch the campaign,” said Dr Jayshree Todkar, Director, Dr Todkar’s Clinic and JT Foundation, Pune.

“As a part of various health camps conducted by Rotary for Children in schools within rural and urban areas, we came across many obese Children; this prompted us to take up this cause. We have provided e-learning kits in schools across Pune and shall include this documentary in this to make it accessible for all,” said Sandesh Gupta, President, Rotary Club Koregaon Park.

Abhay Gadgil, District Governor, Rotary Club, said, “Rotary Club has prior experience of turning polio awareness into a global campaign and we shall use the same methods to turn childhood obesity into a global awareness campaign. We have joined hands with Dr Todkar as she has done exemplary work to fight obesity.” Mr Vishwas Deokate, President of  Pune Zilla Parishad has lend a helping hand towards this campaign. Representatives from more than 1200 schools participated in this program along with many other dignitaries.


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