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Chocolate for China’s space woman

BEIJING: China”s space planners made major changes in the programme for its first woman astronaut in the spacecraft Shenzhou-9. They ensured there was enough chocolate in the spaceship and a curtain to allow the woman astronaut to change. “We also developed a new series of spacesuits for women astronauts,” said Li Tanqiu, deputy chief designer.

China”s first woman astronaut Liu Yang wanted more vegetables and chocolates on her menu. The astronaut system department crew introduced low-fat food in the spacecraft. Besides more vegetables, the menu includes desserts, chocolate and food with blood-enriching effects. These are different from the needs of male astronauts.

“Astronauts rely on online casino canada good food to focus on work,” said Chen Shanguang, general director of the astronaut system department. The spaceship is stocked with over 50 kinds of food and menus will be repeated every four days, he said.

A curtain was hung in Tiangong-1 to protect the astronauts” privacy when they changed, said chief designer Li.

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