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Home » News » Chennai: traffic police to now issue e-challans

Chennai: traffic police to now issue e-challans

Chennai: Chennai Traffic Police has found a novel way of tackling the city’s power crisis. It has installed portable traffic signals that are powered by solar energy at key junctions.

Chennai City Commissioner JK Tripathy said, “All the traffic junctions are not covered by the traffic signals right now. So wherever we required a traffic signal, the portable signals will be useful. Apart from that, whenever there are large congregations, festivals, cricket matches, or in case of power failure failure at any signal, these will be useful because they are solar powered.”

Not just the signals, the Chennai traffic police has also introduced an e-challan system. Now all that the traffic policeman has to do is enter the licence number of errant vehicle and the e-challan machine automatically generates the car’s past record.

Both projects were launched by Chief Minister Jayalalithaa herself and are aimed at improving the traffic system in the city. The move has got a thumbs-up from the general public.

A rapidly growing city spells more traffic on the roads and this means the police has to constantly think on its feet. It has come up with new initiatives like the solar powered portable signals to help ease the situation.

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