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Home » News » Business » Cauvery row: Karnataka goes all out to preserve brand Bengaluru
Cauvery row: Karnataka goes all out to preserve brand Bengaluru

Cauvery row: Karnataka goes all out to preserve brand Bengaluru

BENGALURU: With Assocham pegging losses due to the Cauvery crisis in Karnataka at .`25,000 crore, the Karnataka government has swung into damage control mode and is reaching out to investors, both old and new, assuring them of safety and stability in the state.

While the young IT/BT and tourism minister Priyank M Kharge is individually reassuring new investors, his senior colleague—minister for large and medium scale industries and infrastructure R V Deshpande, has gone on TV to tell one and all that they are safe in the city. “Brand Bengaluru has not been affected. It has been built over so many years, people come here for the rich human resources, as well as the culture and law and order situation in the state. After 9/11 in New York, the US was in slumber for six months, has it stopped the American appeal?” Deshpande told ET. “People choose their homes with care and one incident does not make them move away. I don’t anticipate any flight of capital from Bengaluru. The government here should actually be commended as we brought everything under control within 24 hours,” he added.

Deshpande went along with home minister G Parameshwara on city rounds on Wednesday just to instill confidence among the people. He said not one industrialist had complained to him about the situation. “Cauvery is an emotional issue and successive governments have had to deal with the problem. Industrialists also understand. One person who spoke to me today said he had been working from 3 am yesterday and had managed to make up for the loss of working hours on Monday.

Not one industry or worker has been attacked or targeted, the only problem was the paralyzing of transport and the burning of vehicles, which I strongly condemn,” he said, adding: ” It should not have happened, I agree. We did not anticipate sufficiently. But I don’t think our police did any blunder and the chief minister has ordered stern action to prevent any repeat. Not just industry, every single person will be safe in this city.” CM Siddaramaiah, other than Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook appeals, has released advertisements in all newspapers promising action against any acts of vandalism and reassuring the people of the state that the government is committed to their cause in the Cauvery battle. He also appealed to the media not to highlight acts of vandalism.

“There is a Brand Bengaluru and all of you have to help us in keeping it intact,” he said. Kharge said he had received some personal calls from new startups and IT employers who wanted to know how to deal with the problem. ‘There is no issue with the old-timers who understand, but some of the newer companies wanted to know. I explained the problem to them and assured them of our support. Yes, there is some impact on Brand Bengaluru, but I don’t think it will be long term,”he said.


Source: Times of India

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