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Cognizant replaces Wipro as No. 3 IT co

CHENNAI: Cognizant said on Tuesday that its revenue rose 34.4% to $1.49 billion in the quarter ended June, and in the process displaced Wipro Technologies as India’s No. 3 IT firm in terms of revenue. Wipro reported a revenue of $1.41 billion in the quarter. Cognizant said it is expecting a revenue of $1.57 billion in the September quarter. Wipro’s guidance for ... Read More »

Ion-powered Dawn begins study of asteroid Vesta

Four years after launch from Cape Canaveral, NASA’s ion-drive Dawn spacecraft is finally in orbit around the asteroid Vesta, studying the second largest body in the rubble-strewn belt between Mars and Jupiter in unprecedented detail. Pictures released today show a strangely tortured world with huge parallel grooves separating the heavily cratered northern hemisphere from smoother terrain in the south dominated ... Read More »

First NASA Smartphone Controlled Space Robots is Google’s Android Not Apple iPhone

In an ongoing rivalry between Apple’s iPhone and Android, Google can uphold bragging rights as becoming the first smartphone to have assisted NASA astronauts on a space flight mission.  Having its Nexus One powered Android OS programmed to spherical robots; the devices were launched into space aboard the space shuttle Atlantis.  Once deployed, it assisted astronauts in surveying routine maintenance work. The ‘SPHERES’ robots, ... Read More »

Name your own price for five PC games (Win, Mac, Linux)

The Humble Indie Bundle #3 is a collection of five PC games, all of them compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Their combined value: about $55. Your price: whatever you want to pay. Think the bundle’s worth a buck? Pay a buck. Think it’s worth $15? Pay $15. Feeling generous? Pony up $5,000 and earn the pole position on ... Read More »

Microsoft delivers near-final Mango to app makers

Following Microsoft’s release of the Mango update to Windows Phone 7 manufacturers yesterday, the company today put out a much-updated build of its mobile phone software tools for developers to test their apps on ahead of a public release. The Windows Phone 7 update notice. (Credit: Microsoft ) On Microsoft’s Windows Phone Developer blog, Cliff Simpkins, the senior product manager ... Read More »

Facebook, Google as addictive as drugs: Study

NEW YORK: Several studies have found that Facebook, Twitter and Google are as addictive as drugs. People react like twitchy addicts denied their drugs when forced to give up access to the Internet and other electronic media. And just like a boozer who leans on bourbon as a social lubricant, online addicts believe that people who aren’t hooked on the information superhighway, text ... Read More »

Bharti Airtel raises prepaid tariff

  The country’s largest telecom operator, Bharti Airtel, on Friday became the first telecom operator to raise tariffs since 2009. The company increased the prepaid tariff rates of its Advantage pack. As per it, users of the Advantag buy viagra brand e pack, which is based on per minute billing, will now pay 60 paise per minute for local and ... Read More »

Welcome to the Apple store that isn’t

They have smiles on their faces and apples on their hearts. They have iPods, iPads, and MacBook Pros on their tables and pristine white paint on their walls. But these are mere prestidigitators who want to press you into believing you are in a temple of the digital world. For, as beautifully relayed by the American blogger BirdAbroad, this Apple ... Read More »